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Chlorine Dioxide Case Studies

Kinder to you, your pocket, and our planet

Concerned about Covid and the safety of Scott’s Hir-a-Bin staff and customers, business owners Rose and Russell Scott needed a reliable waste bin and truck sanitiser solution that would be effective, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Since discovering DX50 Chlorine Dioxide sanitiser, Rose has found that in small quantities the cost-effective solution also disinfects water and helps prevents mould, odours, and algae in many areas of her home and farm. This includes safely preventing algae growth in the water troughs and fishpond, sanitising kitchens, and bathrooms, disinfecting rainwater tanks, and preventing mould and neutralising smells throughout the house and campervan.

As it can be used in reusable spray bottles, DX50 also reduces waste going to the landfill.

E. Coli Elimination


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