ClO2 - Eco Friendly

DX50 Kills only the bad pathogens

DX50 (ClO₂) is extremely selective, killing only pathogens. Here’s how it works. Pathogens are small and carry a low energy charge – 200MV.  DX50/Chlorine Dioxide carries a voltage of 942MV.  This superior voltage gives it an electrical strength that overpowers the weaker bacteria.

DX50 is safe for good microbes

When DX50 (ClO₂) comes into contact with bacteria, it seeks to give one of its four electrons to the micro-organism.  Bad bacteria don’t want to make the exchange but are forced to receive the extra electron because of DX50’s superior electrical strength. This give-and-take process is called oxidation, and it is lethal to bad bacteria.

Good bacteria are larger in size and carry a voltage of 1000+MV. This superior voltage gives the Good Guys enough strength to resist the electron exchange that DX50 seeks to enforce. Because no electron exchange is possible, good bacteria swim happily in the DX50 wash.  No harm done. 

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DX50: zero residue

DX50 (ClO2) does not leave an acid residue. That’s because DX50’s  chemical make-up is altered as it sanitises. Because DX50/Chlorine Dioxide kills by giving one of its electrons to bad bacteria, it becomes a different chemical – chlorite (ClO2-).  

This new chemical is so low in residue, it is below the level of detection.  That’s why Chlorine Dioxide has an EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) rating of 9.1D – the lowest rating available. With DX50 there is no taint on the milk and no corrosive acid in the shed.

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DX50 Sanitiser and Dairy Sanitiser both BioGro certified input for organics. Both certified to use in organic production.

DX50 Water Treatment can be used in organic facilities as long as the level of the CLO2 does not exceed allowable potable water level. 


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