Organic Dairy Sanitiser

Why Changing From What I know?

  • Eco-friendly
  • Kills only pathogens
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Kills 2.46x better than Cl 
  • Effective with cold water 
  • No acidic residue 
  • Breaks down bio-films
  • MPI approved 
  • Calf (Calves) pens loves it
  • BioGro Input Organic Certified 

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*Approved for use in organic production or food processing and handling.

DX50 Chlorine Dioxide Dairy Sanitiser Can Cost 15-20% Less

DX50 Dairy Sanitiser kills 2.46 times more effectively than chlorine at 50ppm vs 600ppm of chlorine.  That means far less product is required to achieve better results.  When DX50 Dairy Sanitiser is used with Ultimate Liquid Caustic and Ultimate ULF Acid as a full cleaning system, farmers can save up to 15-20% on sanitising costs.

Plus Hot Water Savings! That 15-20% saving is magnified when you take into account that DX50 works best in COLD water. That’s 7 afternoon washes every week with zero heating bills.  

DX50 kills 2.46 times better than chlorine

DX50 Dairy Sanitiser is Chlorine Dioxide in aqueous solution. DX50 is 2.46 times more effectively at oxidising (killing) harmful bacteria than standard chlorine and does so by penetrating the cell wall of the target organism and disrupting its food supply. 

Chlorine's acid residue

The residue of Chlorine is acidic. If that acid remains on stainless steel pipes or concrete or rubber, it eats away at the surface. That's why farmers treat their sheds with Alkali after sanitising with Chlorine, to negate the corrosive properties of Chlorine's leftovers.

A chlorine-free cleaning system

If you use a chlorine-based alkaline as part of your cleaning system, does that undo the eco-friendly work done by DX50 Dairy Sanitiser? Yes, it does. When any chlorine is washed into the effluent pond, it kills the good bacteria that are eating the crust and liquefying the effluent. 

Here’s a chlorine-free answer: DX50 has formed a partnership with CLARK Products Ltd to provide you with an eco-friendly Hot Alkali and Hot Acid Detergent. By using DX50 Dairy Sanitiser with Ultimate Liquid Caustic and Ultimate ULF Acid, you’ll have a complete cleaning system that is eco-friendly and costs 15-20% less!

Approved Plant Cleaning Timetable and Procedure

Directions for Use - For General Farm Sanitation

  1. Dairy shed external pipework
  2. Dairy shed floors and walls 
  3. Calf rearing sheds
  4. Areas where bacterial build up is an issue

Use at a rate of 1L DX50 Dairy Sanitiser to 100L clean water.

Directions for Plant Cleaning

  1. Mix 60mls DX50 Dairy Sanitiser per 100lt cold water with a minimum of 10ltrs per cluster.
  2. Reticulate through plant for a minimum 5minutes.
  3. Open plant and allow to drain.
  4. Rinse plant with compliant water prior to next milking.

Directions for Cleaning Milk Silo/Vat

  1. Rinse the silo with cold water to remove milk residue.
  2. Wash with industry approved Alkaline Detergent.
  3. Rinse the silo with cold (compliant) water.
  4. Wash silo with DX50 Dairy Sanitiser at 60mls per 100lt cold water for three to five minutes then open and drain.
  5. Rinse milk tanks with compliant water prior to next milking.

NOTE: DX50 Dairy Sanitiser is effective at oxidising Iron and Manganese and removing them from solution. Therefore it is recommended that a water test be undertaken to determine mineral levels and avoid precipitation.


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