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For years Chlorine Dioxide gas (CLO2) has been used to treat large municipal drinking water supplies, that same technology is now available for small industry systems and domestic use.

DX50® is CLO2 in aqueous diluent (solution) and gives a Knockout punch to pathogens that they can’t resist. Flowcoach ‘Clean shot’ delivers an accurate dose of DX50® to your water supply killing bacteria (E. coli), algae and viruses, while being very safe to drink, and on the environment.

FLOWCOACH CLEAN SHOT keeps track of water volume flowing in the line and uses its patented 1ml pump technology to put an exact shot of DX50® into the system for every 20ltrs of water. Adjustments for water quality can be made, but with FLOWCOACH accuracy is assured.


  1. 20mm Inlet water male fitting
  2. Chemical inlet tube, wrapped in Sunguard
  3. Chemical pump –  1mL per shot of DX50
  4. Chemical injection into water line. One-way check valve
  5. 20mm FlowMeter counts every litre of incoming water
  6. Controller checks every litre of water flow to match 1mL shot of chloride dioxide with 20L of water flow

Flowcoach Compressed Air Water Treatment Controller

supplied complete with:

• 2m of 10mm HDPE chemical outlet tube
• 12 volt power pack
• 1.5m of 8mm HDPE chemical inlet tube
• 20mm water flow meter complete with pulse signal input
• One-way chemical outlet tube valve
• 1m Sunguard tube wrap chemical inlet tube
• 2m Sunguard tube wrapchemical outlet tube

** Also Available 65psi model air compressed for larger scale

For more information and pricing call Mark Bell-Booth 021 356 941

or Click Here for the user guide


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