DX50 Chlorine Dioxide Sanitiser

The perfect solution to deal with pathogens, virus, bacteria, mold, Fungi, yeast, protozoa, odor control and more.

DX50 Sanitiser commonly used in:

PoultriesFood and vegetables sanitation 
OrganicsOdour Control / neutraliser

And any other facility and industry that needs effective and friendly sanitiser.

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*Approved for use in organic production or food processing and handling.

Organic Sanitiser

Direction For Use

  1. Ensure surfaces are washed clean before sanitising.
  2. Apply DX50 Sanitiser by spraying, immersing, soaking, brushing, wiping or fogging as required.
  3. For general surface sanitising, mix DX50 Sanitiser at 1Lto 100L clean water.
  4. For high risk areas mix DX50 Sanitiser at 1L to 40L water.
  5. For sanitising internal pipework: 60-100ml DX50 Sanitiser / 100L water.

Reticulate through plant for a minimum 5 minutes. Open plant and allow to drain.
NOTE: DX50 Sanitiser is effective at oxidising Iron and Manganese and removing them from
solution. Therefore it is recommended that a water test be undertaken to determine mineral
levels to avoid precipitation.


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