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DX50® Chlorine Dioxide Dairy Sanitiser



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The ideal solution for your dairy shed, calf sanitiser or any other application which requires your attention.

This superior DX50® Chlorine Dioxide kills a wider range of pathogens than Chlorine. DX50® kills only the bad bacteria, leaves the good biology alone and it works most effectively in cold water

DX50® has a significant long-term benefits for New Zealand’s dairy farming sector, both economically (the hot water + pond crust savings are considerable) and environmentally.

Directions for Use

For general farm sanitation including:

  1.  Dairy shed external pipework
  2.  Dairy shed floors and walls
  3.  Calf rearing sheds
  4.  Any other area where bacterial build up is an issue
    Use at a rate of 1L DX50 Dairy Sanitiser to 100L clean water.

Directions for Plant Cleaning

  1.  Mix 60mls DX50® Dairy sanitiser per 100lt cold water with a minimum of 10ltrs per cluster.
  2.  Reticulate through plant for a minimum 5minutes
  3.  Open plant and allow to drain.
  4.  Rinse plant with compliant water prior to next milking.

Directions for Cleaning Milk Silo/Vat

  1.  Rinse the silo with cold water to remove milk residue.
  2.  Wash with industry approved Alkaline Detergent.
  3.  Rinse the silo with cold (compliant) water.
  4.  Wash silo with DX50® Dairy Sanitiser at 60mls per 100lt cold water for three to five minutes   then open and drain.
  5.  Rinse milk tanks with compliant water prior to next milking.

NOTE: DX50® Dairy Sanitiser is effective at oxidising Iron and
Manganese and removing them from solution. Therefore
it is recommended that a water test be undertaken to
determine mineral levels and avoid precipitation.

Handling and Storage
Store in cool and dry area. Away from direct sunlight. Do not store above 30º. Keep container tightly sealed when not in use. Also store removed from acids.

MPI Approved C 43 (All animal product except dairy)
BioGro (#5099) certified for input in certified organic facilities

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