DX50® Water Treatment

Whether you collect your water from your roof, get it from a local creek, have a bore or you just want to play it safe, this product is for you. 

Our best-selling products is our DX50® Water Treatment and now it is available in 5 Litre for DIY home users.
People usually ask us: “Is it safe to drink? Will I taste it?”
The answer is simple. Yes and no.
It is Safe to drink and no, you will not taste it if you stick to the Directions for Use.

DX50® Water Treatment is a Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) sanitiser (Chlorine Free) commonly used in the disinfection of municipal drinking water and food products. To be a bit more specific it is ideal for rainwater tank disinfectant, grey water systems, fresh produce sterilisation, RV, motorhomes, caravanans and boats storage tanks, stock drinking water, Clean In Place (CIP), and any other potable water that has a risk of pathogens contamination domestically and commercially.

It inactivates bacteria, spores, fungi, moulds, biofilms, and viruses - even at low concentrations and over a wide pH range. Chlorine Dioxide is recognised by New Zealand Drinking Water Standard (NZDWS).

Click here for more information and direction for use.

  • Inactivates a wider range of pathogens
  • Ideal for rain water tank treatment for your home or a bach
  • Good for the soil – does not harm good bacteria
  • Potable water purifier
  • Evaporates leaving no residue
  • Kills 2.46x better than Chlorine and faster
  • Effective over a wide pH range (2-11)
  • Does not react with organic material to form trihalomethanes (known carcinogens)
  • Destroys biofilms and algae
  • Not susceptible to bacterial resistance
  • Non-corrosive – easy on distribution systems
  • MPI registered water treatment C61
Clean water drop falling into reservoir

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