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DX50® Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment



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#1 And The Most Cost Effective Water Treatment In New Zealand.

DX50® Water Treatment inactivates bacteria, spores, fungi, moulds, biofilms, and viruses – even at low concentrations and over a wide pH range.

Chlorine Dioxide sanitiser commonly used in the disinfection of municipal drinking water and food products around the world.
Unlike the common chlorine products used in most town supply water systems around New Zealand, Chlorine Dioxide is considered to be a Chlorine Free solution as it has no free chlorine in it and it breaks down with no residues and leaves no aftertaste.

DX50® Water Treatment Ideal for:

Tank water treatment
Home water treatment
Waste water treatment
Swimming pools
Fruits and vegetables sanitation
Brewing water treatment
And more...

Directions for Use
Use of chlorine dioxide in potable water treatment is governed by the Drinking Water Standards New Zealand.

  • An initial shock dose would generally be applied: 50 mls of DX50® Water Treatment per 1000 litres, followed by maintenance.
  • Iron and Manganese removal: For each part of iron and manganese, use between 5 and 10 parts of DX50® Water Treatment nz.

It is recommended that a water test is undertaken to determine the degree of contamination which in turn determines how much DX50 Water Treatment is to be used.


MPI Approved C 43

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